Welcome to Pole Positive, a blog dedicated to personal progress and experiences, pole trick how-to’s, product reviews, and wellness and nutrition as it relates to pole fitness.

My name is Melanie and I’m a Portland, Oregon-based writer. I took up pole dancing in early 2016 on a whim as a way to better connect with my body. Like most people who have ever found themselves in a pole dance studio, I instantly became addicted.

When I first began dancing, I thought after two years I’d be a total expert. Now, as I’m quickly approaching that mark, I couldn’t feel more like a beginner.

I’m still learning moves, discovering which ones my body enjoys doing, and how to make them fluid. However, now, pole dancing for me is no longer a weekly routine—it’s a lifestyle.

I plan my meals around it, cross train, work on my flexibility, and do all of these daily things to ensure I’ll perform at my best when the time comes. I have a feverish need to check all the different pole videos on my Instagram for inspiration and further discovery.

But there’s a problem with all the videos I see out there. By the time these beautiful, strong, dramatic, fluid moves show up on my news feed, they appear effortless. What’s often missing is the documentation of all the hard work, falls  and fails that one experiences before getting there. And that’s OK, because those recordings are extremely admirable and motivating, but at the same time they can misrepresent the process.

So, my aim is to capture it all. My progress and plateaus, perspective and any advice. I’ll provide how-to’s on tricks I can do and help you troubleshoot the ones you can’tby experimenting with them myself and providing steps that you can always fall back on.

I’ll review brand products, apparel, nutritional items and more, that help me get to me get to my best level. I’ll also include protein-rich, vegan recipes that fuel my training sessions, and describe classes I take and studios I visit so you can plan your pole-ventures with certain places in mind.

But this blog isn’t all about me. Pole Positive began this summer as a side project that shared stories of other dancers who have benefitted emotionally and psychologically from the sport. The impact pole dance has had on my own anxiety issues has been immeasurable, and I only hope to deepen the connection pole dancers have with each other by continuing to share the stories of others who have been positively impacted by pole. (Please contact me if you would like to share yours.)

Since pole dance is still a touchy topic in general society, occasionally my journalistic tendencies will drive me to interview people in the industry for their insight.

Above all, though, this blog serves as a safe, positive space for growth, encouragement, honesty, motivation, inclusivity, and inspiration. So, whether you’re a baby poler or seasoned instructor, I urge you to stay and have a look around. I promise you’ll find something relatable.

*Note: I am not a pole-dance instructor. I only share tips on beginner-to-intermediate moves I feel absolutely comfortable with. You should only attempt moves I share once you have learned the basic mechanics from a certified instructor.