REVIEW: RAD Polewear Green Velvet Monica Top & Peru Bottom

REVIEW: RAD Polewear Green Velvet Monica Top & Peru Bottom

When I saw that RAD Polewear was including a green velvet set in its Christmas Edition collection, I planned to order it once it became available.

I currently have two sets from RAD’s velvet line: The Moon Top & Eve Bottom in black velvet, and Monica Top & Peru Bottom in navy blue velvet. Usually the brand’s sizes are hit or miss for me (more on this in an upcoming review of another set), but the velvet items always tend to fit well. I think it’s because the velvet material is somewhat stretchy and less snug on the body (it’s 85 percent polyamide and 15 percent elastane).

My measurements are 34-28-37 in inches, or about 87-72-96 in centimeters, which is the measurement type RAD uses. The brand’s size chart suggests I’m a small in tops and small/medium in bottoms, but in the past, smalls from RAD have proved to be way too tight on me, even in the stretchy velvet material, so I always order everything in medium.

The Order

I purchased the green velvet set (top and bottom sold separately) for $96.06 USD, including about $15 USD for express shipping and handling, which is mandatory for U.S. buyers. With shipping, the set was just about as expensive as other polewear brands I’ve shopped with in the past.

It took about four days for the order to be processed and about three to four more for the set to arrive, which is not bad, considering the company is based in Greece (this is why I never really mind the extra shipping cost).

The Try-On

Both the top and bottoms fit perfect as mediums, so I’m glad I decided to size up as usual, instead of relying on the size guide.

The green was a little less bright in color then what was pictured on the website, but not by much.

The top includes pouches for pad inserts (but no inserts are included) and adjustable straps. The bottom features ruching in the middle, which I always find to be more flattering, and is cut sharply on the sides, exposing a bit more than average bikini bottoms. Both the top and bottom are lined for extra comfort.

The Test

I put the set on for a recent pole practice to see how it would hold up. The velvet material was nice and breathable, but I was more concerned about how much security the set would offer, since the top was triangle-shaped and the bottoms were skimpier on the sides.

I slipped out of my top a bit on my first invert to crucifix, so I was paranoid for the rest of practice that it would happen again (luckily, it didn’t). The bottoms stayed put during tricks like superman, hip hold, and other moves that tend to tug around that area.

Overall Consensus

I am always pleased with how comfortable and well-made the velvet sets from RAD tend to be, but I’ve only worn each one I own few times, so I’m not sure how well they hold up over prolonged use. Hand-washing and air-drying the items keeps the velvet looking fresh and the material from shrinking.

Even though I found the green set to be super beautiful, I’d be a little hesitant to wear the top during a performance, since I experienced a minor wardrobe malfunction within the first few minutes of poling with it.

When it comes to RAD in general, I think their garments are good quality, and I’ve received a lot of compliments when wearing their apparel, but I’ve also heard comments from fellow polers who wish the brand had more diversity when it comes to sizes.

The Monica Top and Peru Bottoms in green velvet only go up to a large, and the brand’s size chart only goes up to extra large. Since RAD’s sizes tend to run small, there are few options for people who require more material.

Coverage: Partial
Size: Runs small, limited options
Color: Pretty true to website
Comfort: Very comfortable

Where to Buy

Monica Top Green (out of stock as of this writing)
Peru Bottom Green (only large left in stock as of this writing)

*If you wish to purchase these items but your size isn’t available, just select “remind me when it comes available” and you’ll receive an email when the item(s) are back in stock. I’ve done this in the past and it usually doesn’t take the brand a long time to replenish popular items.

In the meantime, there are several other colors of this style in stock in certain sizes, ranging from light pink to electric blue.

See it in Action

I tried to demonstrate moves that would test the security of the set, and luckily no wardrobe issues were caught on camera! Just some awkward transitions. 😉