Review: Should We Really Say Yes to Cucumbers?

Review: Should We Really Say Yes to Cucumbers?

Putting a pro-poler approved grip aid to the test.

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A few weeks ago, professional pole dancer and flip master Natasha Wang posted on Instagram about trying Yes to Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Spray Mist as a replacement for her usual pole grip.

The reason for the change? She wanted to wean herself off her typical pole grip after learning it contained carcinogens. After comparing some other popular grip aids with ingredients Healthline warns against, I realized that quite a few include potentially harmful elements.

Since the Yes to Cucumbers spray is paraben-free and naturally derived, I decided to give it a go myself and order it on Amazon.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, the product is meant to hydrate the skin, but many online reviewers said the product is actually quite sticky. Ideally, I would have liked to give the solution a few hours to sink into my skin before testing it with the pole, but it arrived in the mail right before class, so I applied it just before a warm up.

It made my skin feel somewhat sticky at first, but the more it dried the less tack I felt. Still, on the pole, it felt better than being grip-free, but I certainly didn’t feel comfortable trying tricks that relied on solid grip, like Natasha said she was able to.

To be fair, I normally use regular strength iTac2, which, if you’ve ever tried, you’ll know it’s extremely grippy. Yes to Cucumbers offers some support, but doesn’t restrict mobility, requiring you to squeeze your muscles a bit more to stay in place.

The Consensus

Yes to Cucumbers offers grip support that feels similar (on my body) to Barbasol shaving cream, which happens to contain skin irritants and contaminants mentioned on Healthline. If you like to use shaving cream for grip, but find the ingredients to be concerning, you might want to see how Yes to Cucumbers works for you instead. WARNING: This product smells strong—pleasant, but strong—so it would be kind to test it away from sensitive noses.

For now, I’m sticking (no pun intended) with my iTac2. The ingredients are all natural, but it does, however, contain beeswax. Since I eat a vegan diet, I’m still on the hunt for a completely plant-based alternative. Actually … as I type this, I’m getting the idea to experiment with some homemade grip concoctions. Stay tuned for what I might come up with, and if you know of any good vegan body grip, please do tell!

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