Pole Dancer Gift Ideas Under $100 (Plus a Few Splurges)

Pole Dancer Gift Ideas Under $100 (Plus a Few Splurges)

10+ gifts the pole dancer in your life will love.

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The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re still pondering over what to get the poler in your life, this list will undoubtedly be of some help.

While elaborate pole apparel is always a welcome gesture, an entire outfit can cost $100 or more. Maybe you just don’t have that kind of money to spend, OR you might want to supplement that major present with something extra.

Below are some practical items pole dancers are often in need of. You can shop most of them straight from the page by clicking the images/banners.

Grip Aid

Many polers live and die by grip aid (myself included). There are a bunch of different brands out there, but here are some of the most common:

$12.95 here:


$12.95 here:

$11.95 here:



Yeah they’re fancy, but they’re also considered gym shoes for pole dancers, meaning they’re subject to a lot of wear and tear, just like running shoes. The only major difference is that they’re getting pounded up by sleek wood floors, not pavement (oh yeah, and they’re heels).

From $82.95 here:

From $49.95 here:


Leg warmers

It’s difficult enough for polers to strip down to next to nothing at the studio when it’s cold AF outside, but leg warmers make adjusting a bit easier. Plus, they’re great for choreo class!

$19.95 here:

$11.05 here:


Skin-care products

Polers can’t be slathered in lotion if they want to stick to the pole, but it’s important for them to take care of their skin on their off days to avoid drying out (see this story for more information). An exfoliate followed by a thick moisturizer can do wonders.

$8.39 here:

$12.95 here:

$9.02 here:


 Arnica cream

New moves = new bruises. Arnica can help the swelling go down, giving your poler a speedier recovery time.

$9.97 here:


 Stretching equipment

Training for pole doesn’t always mean being on the pole. A big element to pole dancing is flexibility, and yoga blocks and stretch bands can really help. In addition, insanely bendy Australian sisters Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle have some $35 tutorials designed to help polers achieve their stretchy goals. Purchase them here.

$8.95 here:

$21.95 here:


Comfy tops and bottoms

Hand-made pole gear is awesome, but sometimes polers just want to practice in apparel they’re not worried about tarnishing or getting stained by grip. A nice pack of sports bras goes a long way. I like pole dancer Josiah “Badazz” Grant’s ultra comfy bottoms, which can be purchased here. They’re one-size fits all, so that’s one less worry.

$16.99 and up here:


 Knee pads

Knee pads are essential to the poler who loves floor work, since they can protect against some nasty bruises.

From $8 here:


Pole cleaner

A clean pole is a happy pole, and one that can be easier to stick to. Pole cleaner is designed to keep equipment looking shiny and new.

$14.99 here:


Heating pad

Sometimes recovery days are so real that polers can’t even get out of bed or lift their hands above their head without cursing under their breath. A reusable heating pad can be a pole dancer’s best friend in these moments.

$17.99 here:



Now for the splurges…

Maybe you’re more of a grand gesture type of person.  If so, here are some gift ideas that typically range over $100 and are sure to please polers.


Home pole

It’s always nice for pole dancers to be able to practice moves within the comfort of their own home when they’re not training in a studio. If they have room for a pole in their house, consider gifting them with an X-Pole, the number one trusted brand for pole fitness equipment. (Click banner for details.)


Services and tutorials

Pole dancers needn’t wait for their next class to learn new moves. 123Poling.com offers recurring memberships with pole trick tutorials for absolute beginners to expert-level dancers, taught by industry professionals like Amy Hazel, who was just crowned as 2018 Miss Pole Dance Australia. The website also provides great tips to instructors who want to expand their lesson plans or learn more spotting and training techniques. Memberships range from $19.99 per month to $24.92 per month, with the pricier plans paid annually. This is also a great option for pole dancers who want to treat themselves with something special during the holidays. (Click banner for details.)


Spa day 

Remember those recovery days I mentioned? Well, a nice, long, restorative massage can be such a treat for extra tense polers. (My muscles are relaxing just thinking about one).



Earn some extra points by gifting your items in silly pole-dancing themed wrapping paper! My husband used this gift wrap for my presents last year, and I ended up saving it because I loved it so much.