Review: RAD Polewear Moon Top & Eve Bottom

Review: RAD Polewear Moon Top & Eve Bottom

A few months back I was searching specifically for a velvet costume for a dance recital. That’s when I found RAD Polewear.

I had seen a review of RAD’s Peru Velvet Bottom Blue Shorts somewhere online and went to their website for a closer look. To my delight, they had a small velvet collection with a few more colors—black, navy, red, and pink. (There were a few other colors of various bottoms and tops, but I was looking for a complete set).

I settled on the Moon Top in black (the only color it’s offered in) and the black velvet Eve Bottom—the exact combination on the model and also the website’s recommended pairing. (There were other black velvet shorts to choose from).

I loved the Moon Top for its high neck and front mesh detail. I liked that the shorts were high-wasted but didn’t appear to cover the entire bottom.

The Order

The Greece-based brand uses European sizes. According to their size chart, I was a small in the top (34-inch bust) and in between a small and a medium in the bottom (I have a 28-inch waist and 36-inch hips). Since other European brands have run small on me in the past, I decided to buy both the top and bottom in medium.

The pricing was a bit cheaper than other pole brands I’ve purchased in the past—$58.10 for everything—but RAD only offers Express via UPS shipping for the U.S., which tacked on another $14.52 to the order, costing $72.62 in all.

I’ve paid close to $100 for pole sets from other companies in the past, so I was happy to save a bit of money with this brand.

I was super glad to receive my order within a matter of days, since it usually takes much longer to receive orders from companies based so far away (it made me care even less about the express shipping costs).

The Try-On

I tried the top on first and immediately felt glad about sizing up. The neck part was a little snug, which was to be expected for a high neckline, but I have a feeling it would have choked me a bit had it been any smaller. It ended right at the top of my ribs and felt comfy and breathable. The mesh detail was not at all cheap or flimsy.

When I threw on the bottoms, I fell in love with two things.

The first: instead of coming up to the small of my waist, the cut stopped just beneath my bellybutton, still covering my lower stomach (which is sometimes an area of personal insecurity). I love high-waisted bottoms, but the extra fabric can sometimes keep me from getting into the hip-grip I need for certain moves. These bottoms still seemed to allow you to get into that sweet spot for things like Gemini or Scorpio (aka outside/inside leg hangs).

My second favorite thing: the shorts had ruching in the back, which I find to be extra flattering, because it seems to make the waist appear smaller and the bottom a bit bigger. The shorts provided full coverage, but could easily be pulled up a bit to show more, if desired.

The Consensus

The top and bottoms were stretchy, which made them easy to move in, but they were also secure (no getting pulled down here!). I’m glad I sized up, because I can imagine the set being a bit too tight otherwise. The mediums fit perfect.

I loved this pairing, because even though the top and bottoms provided full coverage, the little details—like the mesh and ruching—still made the style feel sexy.

Overall, I found the product to be well-made and absolutely worth the money. I think this set would look great on anyone and I would definitely recommend it.

Where to Buy

Moon Top

Eve Bottom Black Velvet

Tip: Machine wash cold or hand wash so that the velvet stays nice and soft. Avoid putting either in the dryer!

See it in Action

Here’s a clip from my latest dance recital, at Ecdysiast, with the Moon Top and Eve Bottom on.


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